Each portfolio consists of a set of 20 portraits printed on very fine and rare acid-free card stock. The names of the masters are written on the front of each print in Tibetan.  Their names are in English on the back along with where and when the photograph was made. The portfolio case is 8 1/2” x 6” x 1/4” and is made of the same card stock, but with a dull-coat lamination to give it protection.  Each portfolio was printed and hand-assembled at Premo Graphic Design and Printing Company in Riga, Latvia. Inguna and Gvido Trepsa, founders of the company, conceived and produced the portfolios. The design is by Arta Ozola.

When the Light Shines Through Portraits of Tibetan Masters

When the Light Shines Through is a portfolio of portraits of Tibetan Buddhist masters produced in a limited edition of 800.  The portfolios are signed and numbered by Don Farber.